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The easter egg is simply Clownarific!!

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Holy fuck once you get past the first 3 levels this game becomes UNBELIEVABLY FUN. It's all about cracking the timing and movement, just visualizing. Amazing concept and excellently executed!

Far too boring.

This game is like a very basic version of collapse, or like any other game where you just need to click to remove 2 or more blocks. There are no powerups, no levels and the game becomes boring rather quickly. Held my attention for about 2 minutes.

Improve the animations when you remove blocks, add a story, levels and maybe some powerups and you'll have a game which may hold a players attention for a great deal longer.

Fuck yeah


Fun quirky game, doesn't really have much replay value but it's a good 5 min time waster.

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Yo dude, this is killer! You've dropped enough love on my tracks so here's me returning the favour!

Awesome tone, brutal riffs and the melodies are hella catchy. Those time sig switches are so on point and that synth at 3:37 gave me hella goosebumps. Love it!

Also parts of this is very monuments-esque and then suddenly Sithu Aye! Some of your inspirations perhaps?

Kick is phat, Snare is on point, though might benefit from a slightly longer tail (Reverb or natural! I like to add longer tails during parts where the snare work is sparse and shorten it where it's used in quick succession) and a small push between 500 and 1k for some extra snap and to pull it through the mix. I reckon the toms could benefit from a bit of extra body. Possibly a push around 300/500 to add a bit of box and phatness to the slam.

Great track, killer work. Keep it up boi! <3

Xenogenocide responds:

Ahh man, thanks for the review! It means a lot, honestly. :)

Monuments are one of my inspirations, but I haven't really listened to Sithu Aye - I've heard good things but never taken the time to listen to them.

There's a bit of everything in this; Monuments, Animals as Leaders, Tesseract, Bulb, Scar Symmetry, 80s montage music, etc.

Love that sorta stuff.

You might also notice that I put it in the "Experimental" category because I find most metal heads hate this sorta stuff too. Only nerds like proggy djenty time-sig changing shit. :'D

Thanks man, I'll have a gander at those toms. I've got a gated reverb sound on the kick and snare boosting the mids which I like, so I may just put the toms through and see what happens. Might give them that extra oomph.

This is bladdy awesome! I'm such a sucker for non 4/4 time sigs :D

If you ever want me to record some guitar for one of your tracks in the future, I'd be more than happy to!

bassfiddlejones responds:

Crab battle! Hey man, your track rocked. It was an honor to be up against you in this. It would be sick to collab sometime, I will have to hit you up man! I think we could make some pretty awesome stuff happen :O

Thanks for the big up bro!

Personally I think this track is filthy as fook and I'll be happy to go out of the competition against this and not vs some whimsical orchestral piece ;)

As bitter said, your writing creates a form of atmosphere that is individualistic to yourself. it's so dark and dungeonesque, almost mystical if you would and it creates some wonderful melodies!

Also, absolutely beautiful guitar playing, if that means anything coming from another guitarist :)

JDawg00100 responds:

That definitely means a lot coming from you, thanks!

I am a pirate. With a guitar. DO YOU KNOW HOW FUCKING DANGEROUS THAT IS?

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