We are Number One...But it's a METAL REMIX!

2017-02-03 13:39:58 by PirateCrab

Yep, I did it.

Don't worry, I hate myself too.



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2017-02-03 14:52:34

Oh my god why... why would you do this.... my poor sides....

PirateCrab responds:

I don't know. Hate me. HATE ME!


2017-02-03 16:55:56

Great work man, you've got amazing talent! I'd love to see more of your work and covers of other memes, maybe You reported in the wrong neighborhood? I think that would work among others. Well, anyways thanks for the tunes. :)

PirateCrab responds:

If I can cover that somehow with some decent metal behind it then I absolutely will haha! Cheers!


2017-02-03 21:00:38

It's lit.